Not content with trolling yaoi fangirls the tabloids have now decided to troll figure collectors as well. Well played tabloid journalists, well played.

KUALA LUMPUR: The large amount of figurines of girls in sexy poses, some as large as a foot tall in many renowned shopping complexes in the capital is creating a sense of unease among parents.

“So, Rider. You read the news today? It seems that the fools are cracking down on figures now.”

This is because the sales of such figurines would stimulate teenagers and kids to partake in sexual activities, as well as expose them to other unhealthy activities.

“What of it? Isn’t it better if we have less competition for Master’s attention?”

The said figurines are found to be nearly naked or completely nude are placed together with other toys, targeting sales amongst teens and school going kids.

It is understood that many of the figurines were adapted from characters in manga or Japanese animation.

“But if this goes on we won’t have new sisters to play with!”

Harian Metro’s (Daily Metro if translated to English) reporter made a survey on the sales of such figurines after a complaint was lodged by a mother, 40-year-old Normah Abdul Karim a few days ago.

According to Normah, she saw the sexy figurines while taking her two sons aged 12 and 8 out to watch the movie Iron Man at a well-known shopping mall recently.

Before entering the cinema, her kids were begging her at a toy store located at the fifth floor of the said shopping mall.

‘”Think about it Rider, Master must be really sad and angry right now.”

“My sons who were fascinated with the figure were begging me to buy a figure of the Iron Man costing RM50 each at the said shop.”

“While scrutinising the Iron Man figure my elder son, Aiman, ogled flirtatiously (I kid you not this is a direct translation, that kid has potential I tell you) at the display rack behind the payment counter that displayed a few other toys,” said the kindergarten operator.

At first, Normah though they were normal imported toys; however she was shocked to find that the rack was filled with female figurines in sexy poses.

“Some of the figurines were fully nude and displayed the private parts of women. In fact, some of the figurines were so provocative I was ashamed to look at them.” (Do I sense a jealous streak here?)

“I immediately pulled my kids away and prevented them from looking at the 30 or so figurines for fear that it might damage their minds,” said Normah, who was able to question the salesperson on the sale of such figurines at the shop.

“Well then ill just go and cheer him up now!”

According to her, the salesperson that was roughly 30 years old reasoned that the figurines were priced at over RM 200 each and were only bought by adults who were into Japanese animation.

She was of the opinion that the reasons given by the salesperson was as though he/she was trying to deny that the figurines were sexual in nature.

“Commencing re-writing of dimensional space. Eliminating faults and unwanted elements.”

“To me, the sales of such figurines is an insult to women because they are exploiting the body of women to make profits,” she commented.

In the mean time, Harian Metro’s reporter found that the provocative figurines were openly sold at a few toyshops in well-known shopping malls in the capital.

The majority of such figurines that were imported from China or Japan were designed to be provocative, displaying little or no clothing at all.

The figurines that are kept in special boxes were sold at prices starting from RM20-RM300 based on their height and the amount of details on them.

Sauce of shit: Harian Metro.

TL of shit: Me.


That’s just plain horrible. I almost puked reading this sorry excuse for a journalistic article. Bear in mind I am not criticising the parent in this case but the sensationalism the tabloid invoked in this piece of news (it actually made front page news). The writer it seems also has a poor understanding of the figure collectors, as there are a few glaring errors and generalizations that have been made. It is stated in the article that these figures are targeted at young teens and school kids and as we all know it the figures are really pricey and are most likely out of the budget of any reasonable teen. Also I would like to stress that the reporting smacked of bias as the journalist mentioned that the majority of figurines are scantily clad. This is completely untrue, ask any figure collector and I firmly believe they will all give the same answer that clothed figures are more common than nude/ cast-offable ones.

Another flaw I spotted is not in the nature of the report but when the complaint was lodged. The Iron Man movie has been gone from the Malaysian cinema screen for quite awhile now, so why are they choosing now to report this instead of say sometime earlier. It is quite glaring that the tabloid has ran out of stuff to write about and is now setting its sights on the otaku culture as its next target.

Truly I think that the tabloids have fallen really far to pick on such topics. I just hope that the shit does not hit the fan and figure collectors won’t be affected.

P.S. Images used in this post are taken using my D-40X with the aid of a newly bought external flash SB-600.


30 responses to “THIS IS WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS. v2.0

  1. //facepalm

    I don’t have figurines but really, just because they’re cuter…

    The hell you freaking double-standard people, look at Bratz and Barbie, kids are stripping them NEKKID for YEARS!

  2. What, they’re gonna complain about anime next?

    Malaysia is not safe for otakus anymore..


  3. LOL sucks to live in Malaysia.

  4. “Truly I think that the tabloids have fallen really far to pick on such topics.”

    2. a newspaper this size concentrating on sensational and lurid news, usually heavily illustrated.

  5. No political motive/reason = Won’t be banned. Not like they could use it to implicate the opposition of any wrongdoings.

  6. What bluemist said. Barbie’s are worse at degrading the image of women really.

  7. Not Barbie, it’s actually Bratz dolls now. In Melbourne, I’ve seen 6-year-olds dress as if they’re innocent 20-year-olds

  8. This is getting really out of hand (and absurd), much much more than the Odex issue in SG. How more narrow-minded can people get geez =/

  9. @All


  10. ROFL Malaysia never ceases to amuse me xD

    At least they have not sent teh gemuk cops down to rummage and confiscate yet, altho, Malaysia being Malaysia, I can actually imagine that happening o_o

  11. we need to form an Otaku army and fight against this oppression… we shall call it Code Otaku…
    I have a bad feeling about this…

  12. @ Setsukyie

    They ALREADY complained about anime.
    I don’t remember it is KOSMOS or METRO, but they claimed Tenjo Tenge as HENTAI. =.=;

    @ issa-sa
    not to mention that i started my Yuri fantasy by barbie doll =x

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  14. well malaysia is a conservative country or rather to the majority race.

    the article says the nude figure is at the “display rack behind the payment counter” so i don’t understand what’s all the big fuss. it’s not like they are displaying it publicly.

    so my final words: WHY SO SERIOUS!?

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  16. Zero, save us!!!!

  17. Well… we’re living in a country full of discrimination and of people who choose to be ignorant and stay that way. If i recall, a few years ago another parent report was made about pokemon? Something about Pikachu being a pig and that the malay parents prohibited their kids from watching it…. honestly….. sometimes i despise my own kind for these kinds of reasons. Sad really….. hope this figurine/anime bashing business doesn’t continue for our sake

  18. wow, this is hella funny. damn, how screwed up can this gey yo, i mean, its not that they are FORCING you to buy it or something. its targeted for otakus ONLY, so non otakus who dunno shit, GTFO. Stop this shameless shit man.

  19. Malaysia “Boleh!”

  20. Wow, they really got pissed!!
    I think this could happen anywhere in the world. Maybe if they put the figures in an adult/otaku section in the stores…

    Nice blog BTW.

  21. Thanks for approving my spam-filter-eaten comment 🙂 I didn’t think at the time teh gemuk cops would react so fasat tho <_< Why are they only fast in the wrong stuff? -_-


    *was enraged enough by the yaoi raid*

    I can’t have my yaoi mangas now. And they’re banning dolls now?!
    WHAT NEXT?!!


  23. Hi, i lived in malaysia and i was really shocked reading this article about the figurine issues in anime stores. Some anime stores in kuala lumpur like suncomic & anime tech that i saw was very limited. i mean why they can’t just never show any of some sexy figurines in front of shop display? i mean Malaysia is a Muslim Country, Stupid!! Selling some sexy figurines and anime DVD are SIN & illegal!! i mean the islamic goverment will track down some sexy stuff that they can destroy the Muslim religion!!

  24. But….but….200MYR isn’t even that much in the UK!! It’s only about £33!!!! :sob:

    It’s insane… and I WISH they sold the kind of figures I want in normal toy shops… they’re only available in specialist shops… and a limited choice even then…

  25. megakenrick is angry at Malaysias FAIL!!
    I wish i was born somewhere else instead of this dumb country……

    Well,theres one thing they can never confiscate,thats OUR INTERNET FREEDOM!!

  26. a like your picture

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  28. OK thanks

  29. PUI!! what the hell, This Bitch is really stupid and uncivilized people~does any of the rapper or pervert we saw on news paper was a anime lover? #$&^%$^&!!!

  30. i was reading through some of the posts and i recognize them to be very amusing. albeit my english is not exaclty the really best. would there be anyway to transalte this into my language, spanish. it would in reality help me a lot. since i could set side by side the english lingo to the spanish language.

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