Figma Fate T. Harlaown

So i just received my figma fate today and immediately i fell in love with her. Blonds win. Hands down.
The view from the back of the box. Lovely.

More pics after the break. Still learning to pose my figures properly and this was a rushed job so don’t expect too much from it. REALLY.
And since i am too lazy to do a write up ill just present you with the pics.




(More shenanigans when i get more inspiration)


8 responses to “Figma Fate T. Harlaown

  1. What would kill to see Fate in Riot form.

  2. be careful with the twin tails. i heard they breaks easily.

  3. How was the balancing with all the weapons? I found it a bit tough sometimes with my Fate.

  4. Needs obligatory Fate x Nanoha yuri poses.

  5. there’s no wind, but her hair’s still floating!

  6. @gordon: due precautions taken. Nothing untoward has happened. Thanks for the concern.

    @Orange: balancing the Bardiche in Zanber form was a nightmare, its just so damn heavy. I used the other in Harken form as a counter-weight for the shoot.

    @Shin: coming soon to a blog near you.

    @blissmo: magic, i presume.

  7. Lovely sword she has there.

  8. I love Figma Fate and Saber!! >_<
    Nice pictures (specially when fighting against Saber).. Lol.

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