Title: Wealthy Children’s Collection

KUALA LUMPUR: Surge of erotic figurines sold in several shopping complexes around the city capital had been confirmed being imported by local retailers for the sake of fulfilling the demand and interest of people with such weird hobbies especially those that are rich.

This matter was unveiled by Central Enforcer Chief, Publication control and Quranic text Division, Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN*, Ministry of Internal Affairs) Mohd. Rizal Abidin – after several raids to toy selling premises, following a cover by Harian Metro (The newspaper responsible) regarding the selling of erotic toys on the 4th of August.

According to him, most of the sellers claimed that they only sell those figurines to ‘the more established youngsters’ due to the price of said figurines reaching up to MYR 200 each.

“According to the seller, most of these ‘obscene’ toy dolls are popular amongst teenagers that buy it for their personal collection, or as gifts for friends.”

“The KDN (see above) take the selling of said erotic themed toy dolls seriously and investigation of this matter is conducted as soon as the news was published. Action had to be taken as these erotic figurines contains elements that can harm corrupt our society’s morals.”

According to him again several operations made involving four locations of toy shops around famous shopping complexes at Star Hill, Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya and Brickfields since last Monday.

“The operations involving 8 officers from Putrajaya’s KDN branch supported by Selangor’s KDN officer led by Assistant Senior Enforcer from Publication control and Quranic text Division, Mohammad Hashim Kamaruddin finally succeeded to track down various erotic figurines found to be sold openly to public.”

“From the acquired evidences, the KDN confiscated more than 114 units of figurines with erotic elements from all of the above mentioned premises.”

All of the confiscated erotic figurines are estimated to be around MYR 10,000 and were brought to the KDN’s HQ at Putrajaya while prosecuting measures are being undertaken.

“Shop owners found posessing and selling of said figurines can be jailed for no more than 5 years and fined for no less than MYR 20,000 according to Section 7 of the Malaysian Law.”

According to him again, most of the sellers of above mentioned erotic figurines are aware of their crime.

“They claimed that those figurines were mainly imported from China and were succesfully avoiding authority’s inspection at local ports before being smuggled into this country.”

Original Translation: Exiled_Gundam
Edited by: Quazacolt


Friends, Otakus, countrymen, lend me your ears. We now face a great peril, that which hath not been witnessed since the Dark Ages of the XEDO holocaust. Dark times lie ahead for the righteous for those with power are blinded and corrupt, their ears hear nothing but the honeyed lies of those who wish to visit harm upon us. Now even as I speak our very freedoms, those that we have strove so hard to preserve are being taken away from us and dismantled. It pains me to see that the hobby of figurines hath been laid so low by the media and that the government believes the writings of such uncouth barbarians whose articles leave a taste worse than that of faeces in one’s mouth.

But enough of my ramblings for now. What really pisses me off is again the poor quality of such articles. It is obvious that it was based on flimsy facts and it would seem that the writer also has a grudge against the otaku community as a whole. But the saddest part of all is that the people in power take the writings of a tabloid paper as gospel truth and are just as myopic as the said papers. It further disturbs me that the term “weird hobbies” was used in the article. Is it really so strange and other worldly to take an interest in collecting figurines? Is it really so wrong just to be different? Don’t people understand the aesthetics in collecting a piece of art that is pleasing to the eye? And since when did art become an obscenity?

Different does not mean wrong. Having an interest that is not main-stream does not make us any less human. If the government really has so much free time on their hands why not solve REAL issues such as the withering economy, rising inflation, poverty, and the large number of illegal immigrants in the country rather than trying to deflect attention from its powerlessness and inability by setting their sights on the minority just because they are misunderstood and would make easy fodder to increase public approval ratings.

Also, parents who complaining that the figures are not suitable for kids should also take a good hard look at the labels first before making any assumptions because it is stated clearly on the boxes that the figures were intended for people who are 15 and above. And if figures are as obscene as claimed by them they should first eradicate all those Barbie dolls that kids play with. Tell me, isn’t undressing Barbie and looking at her bare body an erotic act? So why are they still being sold? The answer is simple, because they are main-stream.

I really don’t like the direction this issue is currently heading in. Next, they might even say that having Anime Festivals is immoral and cosplay is erotic and all just because some one saw some TMA shit. Generalization and ignorance are our chief opponents here. The people must be enlightened that we are not some satanic cult or whatever they think we might be. We are just humans who have differing interests plain and simple.

Lastly, I have but one humble favor to ask of you my readers. Please do spread the news of this travesty far and wide. Let no ear be deaf to the plight of the Malaysian Otakus even though we might just be one drop of water in the entire ocean of humanity.

Thank you for reading.

Sincerely, Setsuna-san.

p.s. I can’t bring myself to laugh off this one. Shit just got real.

Other Comrades who wrote on this issue: (more to come i think)





Fat Cat Lim




  1. The different and non-mainstream cannot win. PERIOD.

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  3. Yes, it’s very strange and otherworldly to take an interest in collecting figurines. Instead of collecting a harmless collection of figurines, why can’t otakus like us take an interest in being intimate with hookers and underage girls like normal males? *rollseyes*

    (Not that I actually collect many figurines, being too poor and all, but still …)

    Deng they better dun banned figurine here!


  6. It’s a good thing I live in America.

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  8. Dot Dot Dot
    Malaysia Boleh Fail

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  10. oh yes, more rants! ❤

  11. They didn’t say anything about creating your own personalized figure of yourself, right?

  12. I second the Barbie Comment! And even with the figurines on display, the nude ones were always covered with some sort of tissue or paper to hide their privates so i don’t see the problem =P

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  14. Because i was lazy i declined to make a blog entry on this. Maybe it’s because i don’t collect figurines either but it won’t last.


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  17. Malaysia Boleh Blah!

    My english teacher used to say that in class xD

  18. Cosplay’s getting canned next!

  19. And maybe anime will get the same treatment in the future too.

    Just like what you said, they should solve REAL issues rather than attacking otakus like us.

  20. On topic: so what is the Malaysian government going to ban next? Action figures and dolls? (Unless they already have…)

    Off topic: (in response to the last picture shown)
    …I didn’t know dolls could get drunk.

    Oh, wait, I just remembered that the Maidens can eat and drink, so I suppose it’s not too far off to think that they could get drunk as well.

  21. Come on down south!

    We may have a one party-democracy and a expensive CoL, but the Anime Industry here is thriving.

  22. Well,happens in my country too,that were filled with foolish government official that should have used their oh so precious time to eradicate real problems like corruption and such.

    After this I am guessing they gonna ban all kind of Anime-Related things ~_~

  23. Indeed, I have heard fellow countrymen put down anime just because it’s different, even calling them “sick (perverse)”. And then those same people go ahead and “worship” cleavage-showing Wonderwoman.

  24. @Reno san
    Although covered with tissues, that kinds of figurines are still considered as erotic figurines, coz the figurines itself are originally nude (thus are subject to confiscation according to Malaysia laws).

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  26. Kill cosplay and cosplay shall kill them! D:<

  27. Soon they will start burning figures and proclaim otakus as heretics .. LOL

  28. Ahemn….
    “test, test. 1.2.3.”

    that is all.

    Seriously, tough when will otakus take a stand for their freedoms? Next up are doujins, service and god forbid, MOE!*shudders*
    Something must be done before they make all that we love illegal!

    ( :

  29. Our government like to handle little things and increase price of everything.

    The facts says everything.

    Figurines are small fries, which need no big attention. Just tell the shop owners to create a special part of the stores and limit entrance to adults. Confiscate my sifatt la. Kanasai.

    There are much more stuffs need attention and they still like to handle small fries.




  31. Oh lol!~ Not enough with Saiful illogically playing the “uke” role for Anwar propaganda, they now bring this pure BS? I see MY doesn’t really have that much difference than US (being a loli banned state).. or should i say far worse. Now i wonder what Pengguna Kanak-Kanak magazine going to say about this, last time they fussed on Mat Cool’s tagline “Main-main selalu. Syoknya! Syoknya!” (Playing all the time. It’s fun! It’s fun!) saying that it influences kids to abandon their studies and play instead. At least that mother (Normah.. or whatever her name is) didn’t break those figures like how that extremist Christian parent snapped a boy’s Nintendo DS after seeing some merely shopped images of ero NDS games.

    I can see an episode of 999 of Zaki and the gang raiding down “Toy Stores”… why do they even need to that when they can just use that time to track down and get rid of those trouble making illegal immigrants

    Btw, Parrot; your pure sarcasm “Osama and Friends” action figure series is made of win.

  32. This thread brings tear to my eyes,no seriously we gotta stand up for our rights. THE GOVERNMENT IS TAKING AWAY ALL OTAKU RIGHTS!!! THEREFORE,THEY SUCK!!

    I hope to get out of this country one day,then i won’t need to face this crap. Bleh, maybe i’ll be stuck in this dump country for the rest of my life.

    They seriously banned Mat Cools signature line?? LOL!! Plus, aren’t the “sexy” figures hidden?? There are quite a few inconsistencies with that article….makes me wonder if the Malaysian media is purposely spreading false accusations…..

  33. oh yeah,you might wanna add me to the comrade in arms section of your page…..

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