Alter’s Chua Churam (Non-scale)

My first Alter figure. Had heard quite a fair bit about Alter’s penchant for churning out excellent figures but i did not really crave for any of their products.

But then she appeared out of the blue and literally ROCKED MY LIFE.

I pre-ordered her the moment she became available oh Hobbysearch and endured a few months of agony waiting for her to be released. The one month delay she later suffered also did wonders to increase my agony. She finally arrived on the Thursday and my mind was just blown away.

(pics right after the break. potential 56k killer up ahead. Click the images for higher resolutions)

But first, a message of RAGE.


The box was slightly damaged but luckily she suffered no injuries. Shipping is rough!

My first time using a background other than the walls for an indoor shoot.
Really like the details on her dress.


A really lovely smile.


Camera: Nikon D40X

Lens: AF-S Nikkor 28-55mm

Flash: SB-600

Overall, i am really satisfied with this figure. The only REAL drawback is that she is rather expensive a figure.


11 responses to “Alter’s Chua Churam (Non-scale)

  1. The fig is so detailed!

  2. Nice review of Chua Churam.. Pity I didn’t get her in time.. 😦

    The Customs must have taken the guitar strings.. Tsk Tsk.. xD

  3. Now show me your hot glue shots.

  4. wow, how much did that cost @@

  5. The fig really is nice but kinda sucks she has no guitar strings on the guitar. =3=

  6. And lovely photos too ^^

  7. I agree with Danny. I like your pictures.

    Im expecting my first Figma figures to arrive very soon.


  8. @Shin: Hahaha NO.

    @Fariz: Maybe the string of their guitar broke?

    @Danny & phossil: thanks!!

  9. love the details of this figure and yup good shots too ^^

  10. Now that I think about it…

    Maybe I really should’ve gotten her!

    Nice photos, but IMO, you could’ve used a little more lighting (in some pics).

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