Macross Frontier 20: Goodnight Sweet Prince

Today, we lost someone irreplaceable.

Mikhail, what can I say about him? Lover? Soldier? A man perhaps?

Yes, he was all of those and more. He loved his woman, he did his duty as good as a soldier could and he lived his life like a true man, protecting all that is dear to him.

When he passed on, I wept. Yes, I wept like a girl would over her lover’s demise. For he was a man of such stature that there are no replacements for him. He had among his virtues a measure of level headedness, leadership, heroism, and a marksman’s eye that not only sees the enemy but the heart of his friends as well.

Yes, he does have his shortcomings but lest we forget. Mikhail was above all a true man and let him be remembered as such. Let him be remembered for his deeds of honor, let it be remembered that he died protecting his friends, let it be remembered that he died so that his beloved could live.

Mikhail Blanc, we salute you as a true man.

Goodnight Sweet Prince. You shall be avenged.

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5 responses to “Macross Frontier 20: Goodnight Sweet Prince

  1. Actually, he already avenged for himself by killing the Vajra that stab him.
    But yeah he is one of the better characters in MF.
    Goodbye Mikhail, you will be remembered.

  2. i never cried so badly since kamina died.

  3. I’m crying because the fandom is pinning the blame solely on Ranka.

  4. Not for his death – for being a whiny kid who threw a temper tantrum when she was needed, and then for continuing to say one thing but then acting another way when push came to shove. She admired Sheryl for being able to sing even when under emotional stress (which she shared, as SMS was on the Vajra-killing mission to rescue Galaxy), but when it was her turn to do the same just folded up and wished everyone dead.

    And the Vajra followed her orders better than someone Geassed by Lulu

  5. @Harby: he wont be avenged until every single vajra gets wiped off the face of the galaxy.

    @gordon: ToT

    @Shin: What Haesslich said.

    @Haesslich: The Vajra love their queen and would go to great lengths to please her. Its like Orange-kun’s loyalty.

    And suddenly i see my confidence in Ranka slipping. She really disappointed me in this episode. Won’t be changing camps any time soon though.

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