A Better Tomorrow?

Manga Diplomacy at it’s best.

With the resignation of the current Japanese PM, the newsphere has been filled with the news of the near inevitable appointment of Taro Aso(aka. Rozen Aso) as the future PM.

Would the appointment of this otaku-friendly politician as PM herald the beginning of the Golden Age of otaku culture and put an end to the discrimination against otakus?

But of course him being a politician and all, i guess that he might be actually using his otaku creds to gain more voters though i do hope he is better than that. 

Here’s a toast to a hopefully brighter future. Cheers.

Source of news: Sankaku Complex

p.s. the writer is currently being crushed by real life. A more regular posting schedule would be in order after he grapples with his problems.


9 responses to “A Better Tomorrow?

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  2. I like what you did with the first picture. Very comic!!! Lol.

  3. Lol Ichigo for PM!! He doesn’t look to happy about it tho!!!! It would be interesting to see how Ichigo would run the country of Japan. It will be more interesting if Taro Aso gets to be PM

  4. No way Ichigo can be PM, but that made me lol.

  5. @phossil: its a random image i took from somewhere but thanks.

    @littlekoneko: it is interesting to see politicians not blame every damn thing on the otaku subculture for once.

    @Panther: ww

  6. That’s nice, but I’ll really cheer for Aso only if he decides to do away with the censorship laws in porn.

  7. Wonder if his political enemies would try to smear his reputation by publishing pictures of supposedly his ‘other’ collections, or questioned the hidden contents of his ‘D’ drive.

  8. Great!

    Now all we need is the Malaysian goverment to change.

  9. Aye Hangmen, can’t be too sure on that. There be skeletons tentacles in thar closet matey! ARRRRRRRR!!!!

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