Klan Klan (1/8) Preview.


Hmm. Another quality production from Alpha Omega and priced at an affordable 5775 yen it would make a suitable christmas gift to lolicons and Frontier fans alike. The release date of the figure is currently set in late November.

Really tempted to just push the order button but will wait and see for awhile before making any decisions.

Delicious Klan is delicious.

Currently available at: Hobbysearch


5 responses to “Klan Klan (1/8) Preview.

  1. woot! I want! She looks cute. And she has a nice base too.

  2. face looks a bit off but the SMS base is cool.

    anyway i want a RANKA figure! WHERE AND WHEN!?

  3. Notify me when Ranka’s out.

  4. Awww, she looks adorable… ^_^

    I like the base.

  5. @all: indeed the base is one of the deciding factors for me. Guess i’ll get her after all.


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