Season ending speculations.

Obligatory Kira~

With quite a few animes drawing to a close in the following weeks I thought I should just join in on the speculations as to how would the anime series I am currently watching would end.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu

Yuuto slipped and knocked his head resulting in a concussion and an altered personality. He is now a raging lolicon and manages to seduce Haruka’s deliciously loli younger sister Mika. Haruka is pushed into the deepest pits of despair and a NICE BOAT© end. Just replace Mika with Sekai, Kotonoha with Haruka, and Makoto with Yuuto. (SHIT, it all fits in perfectly!)

Strike Witches

Only one ending is possible. MASSIVE YURI ORGY. Take no substitutes comrades.

Macross Frontier.

Good End: Alto rescues Ranka from the vajra, Sheryl gets cured by Ranka who now has Vajra haxxx knowledge. Leon dies after being impaled by Ai-kun. Grace lives together with the Vajra after being integrated into their HIVEMIND. The SMS is restored and Alto is made Skull Leader after Ozma retires.

Normal End: Ranka gets infested by the Vajra and turns into the Queen of Blades and goes on to destroy/absorb all other life forms in the galaxy.

Bad End: Alto dies protecting Ranka and Sheryl while they sing a duet to disorientate the vajra and allow Frontier to claim victory. Ranka and Sheryl die from exhaustion after they finished singing their duet. Ozma assassinates Leon and becomes Frontier’s President. He then proceeds to rename the fleet Macross Ranka and erects statues commemorating Sheryl, Alto and Ranka.

Code Geass R2

In a tragic turn of events Lelouch was unable to stop the Damocles and due to a stray shot the FREIJA warheads inside Damocles detonate and destroyed the whole world. Stragely everyone finds themselves teleported to Jupiter where all past rivalries are forgotten and everyone joins in a massive pizzafest sponsored by Pizza Hut. End of season pairings include: Cornelia X Guilford, Viletta X Shirley, Ougi X Tamaki, Toudo X Nagisa, Orange-kun X Himself, Kallen X Gino, Charles X V.V, C.C X Marianne (Still in Anya’s loli body), Nunally X Sayoko, Nina X Euphemia, Clovis X Bartley (for those of you who forgot, he is the fat general who was Clovis’ advisor), Rivalz X Millay, Shin X Lloyd, Schneizel X Canon, and lastly Lelouch X Suzaku. Damn that was one long list of pairings. As for Kaguya and Tianzi, lets just say they are being cared for. By me. * insert evil laugh *


7 responses to “Season ending speculations.


    /me salutes

  2. R2 must finish with Suzaku and Lelouch marrying and living happily ever after for it to be saved.

  3. ^For anyone into such things, you mean…


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  6. I should be instated as the new God Emperor with Kaguya and Tianzi as my consorts. Lloyd will be my personal manslave.

  7. Im expecting to see Strike Witches!! One of my favorites shows of the season!!!

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