19 years and counting.

This be the day i turn 19 years of age and still none the wiser.

Yeah well f*** that its time to party hard!!!!

You know what its kinda sad that even after 19 years i am still ronery…….

Update: Went to Kinokuniya to buy myself some birthday presents. Bill footed by my parents. ^^

Total Bill: RM 476.


16 responses to “19 years and counting.

  1. Happy Birthday!

    I turned 47 on Sept 9.

    Have partied, but sloooowing dooown

  2. Happy birthday. Shit I felt old until I saw daRAT’s comment.

  3. GA image 4tw!
    Happy Birthday! And you’ll never be ronery with all the ronery types wandering around the internets to keep you company =P

  4. otanjyoubi omedetou~~~~~~~~

    what a good parents you have lolz

  5. Wait till’ you’re 40 years old, then go marry some 16 year olds.

  6. i wish i was 19 again. orz

  7. @all: thanks for the wishes.

  8. Well, already wished you at TFM, but hey, Happy Birthday, Sets!

  9. Happy belated Birthday ^^

  10. Total Bill: RM 476.


    I wish someone would foot that bill for me if i were to go on a crazy purchase spree =_=”


  12. Happy belated birthday. Nice splurge. 😛

  13. Happy belated birthday…
    Funny Party Hard animations….Lol

  14. @all: thank you once again.

    @Haruji: lol

    @Aoshi: i was legal since i was 18.

  15. Over a week late, but Happy Birthday! O_O

    That’s a lot of books+manga.. I wish I had that kind of birthday present. orz

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