Random Photos 1

This is a collection of some photos i took during the past week. Click the images for larger versions of the images.

At my University campus. I am currently studying in the Malaysia campus of Monash University.
Quite a good campus if i do say so myself.
Just avoid the cafeteria food like the plague (overpriced and full of oil, really unhealthy).
There are quite a few students who leave the campus to get their grub at nearby shops instead of the cafeteria.
The Library.
On the left of the photo you can see the ongoing construction of the new dorm.
The view from the window of my house.
Kind of relaxing at times.
Going to Kuala Lumpur.

The iconic twin towers.

The Hibiscus. Malaysia’s National Flower.

A shot of the sun rising along the highway while driving to campus.


11 responses to “Random Photos 1

  1. Monash! LOL, still remember visiting the place with a friend who studies there too… (random nostalgia *sniffles*)

  2. A post apocalyptic universe where nobody is alive?

  3. @issa-sa: LOL. feeling homesick already?

    @Shin: Holy shit. I just realized that there are no no humans in all my pics……

  4. Wow the sky is clear, blue and beautiful on the first few pics… It looks very peaceful though you captured it on urban areas.

  5. monash…any relation to the one in clayton, melb?

    and lol…no people…anywhere. thats an achievement!

  6. Awesome pics..
    no people?¿?…well, they’re on vacations….lol
    your campus seems pretty cool…

  7. It must take actual skill and precise timing to get no signs of life in those pictures. I applaud thee.

  8. @kanzeon: I always liked clear blue skies.

    @nyan: yes they are under Monahs University just that the campuses are situated in different locations.

    @phossil: they are at a huge beach party at Jupiter.

    @omisyth: LOL. Thanks.

  9. Purty!

    Beats my ATC academy campus in Oklahoma City by many a mile!

  10. yo Justin here, long time no c Shern ^^
    din know u are studying at monash now.
    currently studying at sunway, drop by if u are free^^

  11. LOVELY pictures. I must learn how to take photos like you.

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