Strike Witches: Final Evaluation


(potential 56k killer ahead. BEWARE)

Ok seriously though this is one of the best anime of the year so far in my opinion. While some might bemoan it as an anime that is full of nothing but fanservice (due to the fact that every girl in the anime wears their pantsu as pants) I disagree. Why the? Well there are a few reasons to that.

An accurate depiction of the relationship between the characters.

First of all the interaction between the characters was superb. Undoubtedly the anime would not have become what it is now without strong characters and this one delivers it in droves. From Yoshika and Lynne to Eila and Sanya each of the witches was unique and they blended well with each other to create truly hilarious moments such as the time when Erica “borrowed” Lucchini’s pantsu and caused chaos within the base.

Secondly, the quality of animation was consistently good throughout the entire series. Not once did I spot a moment of QUALITY in it. It seems that Gonzo is finally cleaning up its act and bringing back the glory days after several disappointing offerings of late.

And finally I would like to add that there was actually a plot throughout the anime. It is called making friends and kicking alien ass with yuri on the side.

Let’s recall some of the great moments of the anime shall we?

You cannot unsee the chest vagoo.
Cancer check.
A floating battleship. Kinda reminds me of Macross Zero.

The most emotional line of the entire season.

Greatest new character introduction EVER.

However, it can’t just end like this. There needs to be a second season of this and if current DVD sales statistics are to be trusted there should be a second season coming sometime later because Gonzo would not be such a fool that it would not want to capitalize on one of it’s better anime to date.


So what would the new season be like? Certainly the success of the first season would be a difficult one to emulate but IT MUST BE DONE FOR THE GREATER GOOD. The following images are some of the more outlandish ideas out there.

Gurren Witches SPIN ON!!!!!!
Frontier Witches. Now THAT would have been awesome.

Soul Witches.

Lucky Witches?
Onegai Witch?
Touhou Witches?

But before I end this post,

It has been a great anime indeed. HA HA HA!!!!

p.s. a kind anon uploaded rips of all the ED songs sung by the whole cast. Get it here.


14 responses to “Strike Witches: Final Evaluation

  1. There’s supposedly a 13th OVA ep. Probably DVD only though, but like that’s ever stopped anyone.

  2. Ok, that cuts it. I’m gonna start watching this.

  3. I support Strike Witches! Commence fapping!

  4. Gonzo finally redeemed themselves.

  5. I haven’t liked a show by Gonzo since Gate Keepers so this is a glorious day indeed.

  6. agree, definitely the best anime for this summer season haha

  7. @xephfyre: Another fishing episode?

    @Jason: DO IT.

    @omisyth: For the grateful Fatherland and the glorious struggle. Honor and blood. I award this Iron Cross.

    @shin: all if forgiven if they have a season 2 up their sleeves.

    @AnimeXploit: lets just hope they keep the good stuff coming.

    @ron~: hehe. Great minds think alike.


    Yep. I agree!!

    Very funny the pics of Lucky Star and the other shows imitating Strike witches!! Lol!!

    I love this show!! ^_^

  9. @Setsuna-San: More swimmin’ in the ocean is always good 😉

  10. i’m at episode 4 now. episode 5 is at the beach?

  11. Start rejoicing because Season 2 has been confirmed:

    Strike Witches official website

    News also on ANN.

  12. and did u all know that if it was not for strike witches season one GONZO would not be around. it was going out of business they released Strike Witches and it saved them.

  13. dude that is so fucking cool!!

  14. Nice article … didn’t pay attention on the series’ description on ANN 😛 naw I’m definately gonna watch it … it’s refreshing to see there are more yuri lolicons like meh out there =D

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