Love and Anime

This post is a reply of sorts to this post. Though i dont think we are talking about the same thing at all.

Love, you wont realize it coming until it is to late. Yeah that’s what really happened to me. It’s an unrequited love of sorts because the other party never realized it and was attached to someone else. Let me tell you that it was absolutely gut wrenching to watch them together. But that is now in the past, and so it brings us to our discussion for the day. What anime does one watch when one is in love?

Well my answer to that question is rather simple. Go watch Honey and Clover, both seasons in fact and read the manga while you are at it. Why, you might ask that I choose this anime over others?

Well for starters the characters in the anime are fairly believable because they all have flaws and are not some ideal that is impossible to achieve. Also, not everyone gets a happy ending in terms of love at the end that makes it even more believable as one can’t possibly win everything.

So what can this anime possibly teach us about love? Well, for starters love is never a bed of roses. Absolutely no one gets it easy in their love lives in this anime. This is good, because it reflects the hedgehog syndrome that is inherent in humans. Whether we like it or not the closer we get to another person the morelikely we are to hurt that person. The solution, deal with it. People get hurt, it’s only natural. Only by hurting others and getting hurt in return can one truly understand the other person. Take for example the relationship between Mayama and Yamada. She obviously loves him and tries to get close to him but this only result in her being hurt because she knows more about him and his love for Rika. But in the end she was able to move on because she had been hurt and she has rebuilt herself. Bah, I’m not making any sense am I?

Secondly it also teaches us that love is not something that doesn’t fall out of the sky, one must work hard to gain it, and sacrifices have to be made!!! Just look at the devotion Mayama affords to Rika. He practically lives only for her and is willing to do all he can to support her. There was also this one line he said that I believe is absolutely true it goes like this: “The reason I have a large savings is that if something ever happens to her, I want to be able to tell her to take a break and rest while I handle it.” I completely agree with this because loving another person also means not being a burden to that person but being the pillar of strength for the other.

And finally the anime imparts us with the message that a failed love is not meaningless. It leaves behind bittersweet memories of a time gone by and is something to be treasured and not reviled. A failed love does not make a person a failure. The failure to look beyond it makes one a failure in love.

Well, that’s all I have to say then. Hope you people find your true love if you don’t already have it and thanks for reading though i dont really know what the heck am i writing.

P.S. The writer is now having a bout of nostalgia about past loves. Which are obviously failed ones.


7 responses to “Love and Anime

  1. newgeekphilosopher

    You make perfect sense, it’s just that Please Teacher is a better entry point for newlyweds I guess than it is for new romantics, which this series looks like a good entry point for.

    Now I’m the one not making sense…

  2. For the more cynically minded, I suggest Detroit Metal City instead 😛

  3. When in love, watch someone tear someone else’s heart out—-literally

  4. I can only feel true love now through 2D ;_;

  5. Im feeling a lot of nostalgias after reading the post. My past loves were failed ones too, but with a lot of memories.

    Ahhh failure in love…I think its part of growing up.

  6. After reading this entry, Im now feeling the nostalgia about my past love.. Darn.. I should go back to playing Planeterian.. -_-;;

  7. @NGP: Somehow i don’t feel that Please Teacher is a very realistic portrayal of relationships.

    @issa-sa: o_O

    @blissmo: “O_O” are you serious?

    @Shin: I think that can be said of me as well.

    @phossil: ahh, to be young again.

    @Fariz: lulz. seems like everyone has a story to tell about past loves.

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