Toradora 01

I would be lying if I said I was not worried for the anime when I had a look at the character designs which were suffice to say, a departure from the styles used in the manga and novels. But, after watching the first episode, I was proven wrong and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

A man who is obsessed about cleanliness? Must be a hit with the ladies.

My favorite part about the anime so far has to be the characters, which are the driving force of this show. Ryuji is what I would like to call a unique character because his characteristics are a far departure from leads in this type of anime. This is partly due to his looks, which I must say looks pretty whacked out at times.

Lookin kinda Psycho there Ryuji.

This anime has some great facial expressions.

Also, Ryuji has the weirdest of special attributes for a male lead. One would normally expect a male lead to have any other talents than say HOUSE CLEANING? His talents also contrasts with his menacing looks, which he inherited from his father and his upbringing by his slovenly mother. Though I guess having a slob at home does force one to learn to take care of themselves better.

The way to a woman's heart is the kitchen. Or was it the other way around?

Taiga is also one heck of a contradiction, she is small yet incredibly strong as ferocious which earned her the name “Palmtop Tiger” but is insecure and weak when it comes to matters involving love and the general cleanliness of her house. Damn, even I could not hope to live in such filth……

Nurgle has nothing on this pestilence.

I also got the feeling that Taiga combines features of all the three other famous Tsundere roles that Kugimiya Rie voiced in the course of her career. Taiga handles a sword like Shana, treats Ryuji like a dog and has violent tendencies just like Louise, as well as being a rich person like Nagi. Could she possibly be the ultimate amalgamation of all the Tsunderes? Add the Dojikko-moe factor as well and she becomes a merciless moe machine bent on inducing HNNNNGGGHHHH in all who lay their eyes upon her.

The deadly Tiger Right Hook!

A pretty interesting thing I noted was that Rie’s voicing of Taiga sounded a tad different compared to her other roles. As Taiga, her voiced acquired a husky sort of tone. Which is perfectly fine by me as her voice gets me hot under my collar.

I agree. That bird is disgusting.

What amazing logic these japanese have.

Cawk goes here.

Taiga is not amused.

So what of my overall impressions? I thought that the anime was true to the manga, novel in general and that the quality of the animation was suitable but not perfect, the voice acting was good, and the characters are generally likable. This one is definitely for keeps.




OMG twintail Taiga!!! *faints*


7 responses to “Toradora 01

  1. The parrot exists solely to stop people dieing from Taiga overload. It is the antithesis of fanservice.

  2. lolwut? theres porn in the sink~!? XD

  3. Sagat has nothing on Taiga’s Uppercut. I like how Inko-chan is in constant orgasm.

  4. >> What amazing logic these japanese have….

  5. @omisyth: i agree with you. That parrot looks like some kind of sick hellspawn.

    @Shin: >Constant Orgasm< surely you jest?

    @phossil: lulz

  6. i officially died because of that sleeping Taiga

  7. I haevn’t read any of the sauce material but I thought this was really cute. And I went into it expecting a wave of nasty hate.

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