Spice and Wolf II Announced.

Spice and wolf 2 has been greenlit Comrades. Prepare for further lessons in Economics. Maybe Horo and Lawrence can help inspire a solution to the economic downturn of late.

Following a hostile takeover from a rival enterprise and being stripped of his wares and money, Lawrence enters a pact with Horo and the power called Geass to exact his vengeance.

Hah. Too bad that wont be happening, though i would admit that it might be enjoyable watching Lawrence bankrupt his business rivals coupled with Lelouch’s JUST AS PLANNED and FABULOUS.

There is however a matter of slight concern that i have noted. There is a change of staff in the character design and animation department. I sure hope they could keep up with the high standards set by the first season.

Sauce: ANN


9 responses to “Spice and Wolf II Announced.

  1. she looks kawaii~~

  2. Can’t go wrong with more Spice and Wolf. Hopefully the staff won’t fail us!


  4. Hopefully the second season doesn’t suck

  5. @phossil, ETERNAL: indeed, more Horo is never bad.

    @Shin: JUST AS PLANNED. Lawrence of the economy?

    @blissmo: if it does ill go over there and NICE CART them.

  6. Ok, so we got economics under wraps. This time:
    Political science and agriculture!

    Wooo! Horo has put the FUN back educatifun.
    (they cant all be gems, jeesh!)

  7. maybe i should go finish season 1 first…

  8. Wow cool. Hope they play down the econ talk this time round though. We needs more horo and less steel coin weights.

  9. I hope the new staff doesn’t screw this up. :\

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