A very brief overview of the Autumn anime season. part 1

Warning: Reading this post might result in said facial expression.

Akane Iro ni Somaru saka

FABULOUS in my Eroge to anime adaptation? This show is instantly awesome.

Ouch..... all i can say is that i would gladly take a hit there if i got to kiss her as well.


Looking kinda Shoujo there Yuuhi.

Didn’t plan on catching this anime at first but the news that Kugimiya Rie [TEH RIE] was voicing Yuuhi was just too much for me to resist and i am glad to be able to say that it was a good if not great first episode. There were tons of LOL inducing moments such as Junichi getting kicked in the nuts *ouch*. The OP song was nice and peppy as befitting the overall mood of the anime and Did i mention that Kugimiya Rie sounds awesome as Yuuhi? It is nice to note for once her character is not an extreme tsundere but a more mellowed tsundere. But as with all tsunderes they are liable to knock the lving daylights out of any male lead. Also, Junichi’s younger sister looks like perfect wincest material.

Good: Not your typical harem anime, TEH RIE, nice character designs [especially Yuuhi, grey hair and blue eyes are a lethal combination], mild dosage of FABULOUS.

Bad: Nothing that i would consider as bad.

CLANNAD After Story

Sunohara: A clever fool.

Nothing much i can say about this. A light hearted first episode with some serious undertones. Now that we have been re-acquainted with the cast the next episode should have some drama in store for us. Damn, its good to have Kyoani back.

Good: Light hearted moments, Sunohara, Kotomi.

Bad: I didnt really like the new ED song but maybe it will grow on me.



Im too lazy to write up anything for this but it is a solid episode with copious amounts of action and well a continuation of last season. Now let the Celestial Being reunion road trip begin.

Good: Terminator Exia, Setsuna’s black suit, Saji being forced into slave labour [albeit for a short time], Loli bridge bunny.

Bad: Terminator Exia getting pwned, Seravee’s extra head, Lack of FABULOUS from Ribbons and his Innovators [hey, you cant bring change without FABULOUS, Lelouch has taught us that much].

Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens.

She looks moe even though she is wood carving.


After some coercion by Shin i am convinced now that i should worship our new goddess. Now, to make a hand crafted idol of Nagi out of wood and worship it daily, maybe she will appear out of the carving as well!

Good: Nagi, Magical Girl Nagi, Dancing OP.

Bad: Nothing to say.


6 responses to “A very brief overview of the Autumn anime season. part 1

  1. Sounds like Kannagi hit all the right notes, then. In defence of the Seravee’s extra head, it wouldn’t do to have Tieria pilot something normal.

  2. Ouch, a hit in the balls… no wait, a godly ass~~~~


  3. @ The Animanachronism: Kanangi pushed all my buttons and turned me into mush in a matter of seconds. LOL, Tieria is condemned to pilot all the odd looking ones eh?

    @phossil: PRAISE BE THINE ASS.

  4. Given that in the first season Tieria had the fat transgender Gundam, I’d say he is condemned to the odd ones, yes.

  5. Too much HNNNG this season, but I’m now a devout practitioner of Nagiism.

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