A very brief overview of the Autumn anime season. part 2

Somehow, i am unimpressed.

Kurogane no Linebarrel

You would have thoguht that he would be slightly worried with all that blood on his shirt.

No, I will not rage at how they raped the manga’s storyline, I will not rage at how the CG is sub par compared to Macross Frontier, and I will most definitely not rage at how they butchered Kouichi’s character. I will however rage at how they made the people in the cast seem like complete morons. By that I mean what happened right after the Linebarrel revived Kouichi. It’s just simply ridiculous for a person to not question or at least be shocked and baffled as to how he survived such an impact. Also, his shirt was blood-soaked for crying out loud. How did Emi feel totally fine wearing the blood soaked shirt of a stranger? How could Yajima be so cool and unconcerned when his childhood friend’s shirt is soaked with blood? How could Kouichi be a big enough of an idiot to not realize that his own shirt is a bloody mess? Either that or everyone in that anime sees things through monochromatic eyes and thought that the stains originated from a juice spill… Gonzo, I really expected better after the success story of Strike Witches.

Despite all the negativity, I will still continue watching it because I really don’t want to believe that such good source material could be turned into shit like this. They better pick up the slack in the coming episodes.

Good: Mecha designs. Kizaki Emi.

Bad: Oh god where do I begin?

To aru Majutsu no Index

How shall I put this? (Loli Nun + Esper + Railgun) X Magic = EPIC WIN

Good: Index, Cursed Right Hand, Railguns, more Index and wardrobe malfunctions

Bad: Not enough Index.

Shikabane Hime Aka

Coming from Gainax, I expected Gurren Lagann style hot bloodedness but instead I got a Blood+ type story. Well, I guess you can’t expect the dead to still remain hot blooded. An ok first episode but I find the slow pace of it mildly prohibitive. Makina Dual-Wielding SMGs had me awed though.

Could have been better, will stick around to see if it gets better.

Good: Necrophilia, dual-wielding guns,

Bad: lack of hot-blooded action.



On a FABULOUS scale of 1 to 10 Sebastian is a 9 at the very least. What more could you ask for from such a FABULOUS butler. A touch of dark comedy with the usual blend of butler antics you would expect from other butler comedies. The next episode would have aired by the time this is published and it looks to be an action packed one.

This one is for keeps.

Good: FABULOUS Butler, Ciel [you cant go wrong with that name], dark humour.

Bad: Nothing bad to say about it.


6 responses to “A very brief overview of the Autumn anime season. part 2

  1. Shikabane Hime needs more episodes…and Balls of Iron is just fail.

  2. To aru Majutsu seems promising…

  3. >On a FABULOUS scale of 1 to 10 Sebastian is a 9 at the very least.

    I’d rather a 50/10 for faaabulousness.

  4. Haha, Kurogane no Linebarrel is ridiculous, but I thought the manga was loads better anyway

  5. 9/10??!!! Sebastian is off the charts when it comes to FABULOUS, though trailing behind Lelouch by a wide margin. Loli nun reminds me of Jun and Bridget, which is a good enough reason for me to watch.

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