Macross Itasha

What might these young folks be up to?

Take a closer look at that car.


I got a hard on just by looking at that.

Observe the wing mirrors.

Pop Princesses.

Would you rise up to her challenge?

Original Source.

While i think the design of the car is great i wont dare to have mine decorated like this lest some jealous fanboy decides to carjack me and drive off with it. Kudos to whoever designed this Itasha.


16 responses to “Macross Itasha

  1. lols, I’d never drive a car like that either. But it’s still cool … in a sense.

  2. queue up to take pics of a car?

  3. If only we had such awesome in MY.

    *slaps self for thinking of the impossible*

  4. @blissmo: My thoughts exactly.

    @gordon: Goes to show how popular Macross Frontier is.

    @Mizunaga: It wont be impossible if you had the money to do so.

  5. I would let Ranka ride me all night long.

  6. oh goodness, thanks for posting this! loved the Ranka at the rear…

    no way i’d drive this around Manila though, but it would be great to own nonetheless.

  7. lol, reminds me of my Clannad itasha for my rFactor racing league.

  8. So much ranka and sheryl on such a tiny car! I’d like it more if there was no sheryl on it thou, just pure ranka baby

  9. @linkinstreet: lololol thats one nice Itasha.

  10. Now THIS is what I call awesome.

  11. That’s pretty freakin’ awesome. Any idea how much it cost?

  12. I saw a random post on 2ch where they said someone humped the car…

  13. How is he/she going to check his rear mirror ?, road hazard spotted!! Or does he/she even drive this car at all? 😛

  14. I plan on doing an Eureka Seven with my 05 Hyundai Accent. To me you don’t need a hot looking car just one that has a nice pearl paint finish so when they add the image it’s nice :D.

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