A very brief overview of the Autumn anime season part 3

This post took a lot longer to complete than i would have preferred.


Now this is what space battle should be like. Ship to ship combat featuring large armadas with plenty of beam spamming, no mobile suits and a FABULOUS looking command bridge to top it up. Tytania has fulfilled my expectations and this is certainly shaping up to be an space epic.

Hakushaku to Yousei / Earl and Fairy

Hakushaku to Yousei or earl and Fairy is one of those anime that doesnt really stand out of the bunch given the strength of the autumn line-up this time around so it is understandable that some might give this a miss. Tha quality of the animation is nothing to shout about and the story sounds a tad cliched but it has a healthy dose of FABULOUS and a cat fairy that drinks liquor is enough convinvcing for me.


Watching Choas;Head is somewhat like looking into a mirror as far as i am concerned. The male lead Takumi is what i think i would be like if i took things to the extreme and shun society completely. One of the things that consistently grabbed my attention was the cross that was used to skewer the man in the alley, somehow i knew that i have seen it before and after looking through some old files i found out that it resembles C.C.’s stigmata. Code Geass R3 anyone? The level of blood and gore in the first episode failed to draw out any reaction from me. After watching the bloodbaths in Kara no Kyoukai this seems like a tame affair.

ef- a tale of melodies

I miss Chihiro from “a tale of memories” but Mizuki and Yuuko are fine too. The reference to masks in the first episode reminds me of Code Geass. I do wonder am i suffering from Geass withdrawal symptom as i tend to see elements of Code Geass in other anime.


6 responses to “A very brief overview of the Autumn anime season part 3

  1. Oh Teatania is faaabulous…with epic manly tea pouring in space.

  2. I still can’t seem to feel for e.f (lack of sauce is on thing) and have yet to try Teatania, but I guess you’re right about it being fabulous enough for me to warrant a try at least.

  3. www
    I noticed the same thing about the cross and masks.
    And Tytania is good.

  4. It’s odd how a lot of shows this season involve pointy objects of some sort.

  5. @shin: ill pass the sauce for ef sometime later. And yes Teatania is FABULOUS and you should try some.

    @Mizunaga: Great minds think alike.

    @xephfyre: I see what you did there. “pointy objects” eh?

    @Omisyth: Code Geass EVERYWHERE!!

    @Panther: surely you meant in Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace instead.

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