Toradora 04


I wished i had the guts like taiga to talk down to the Head Prefect back in my high school.

You lost me~~
Ryuji is a dangerous man. To dirt at least.
I can’t tell if this is artistry or horrible photography. But since it is Taiga we’ll just say its artistry.
Ryuji sure knows where the best views are.
Peel the potatoes….. Not slice it into a cube……
Am i a bad person for wishing that she accidentally spills the whole bucket of pudding on herself?
GENTLEMEN. Set your yaoi goggles to OVER 9000.
The parrot was sentient after all!! Brix were shat.

AMI!!!! I think my heart just skipped a beat there.

A largely hilarious episode with less angst and more laughs. We also get into the past and discover the circumstances behind the rejection of Kitamura by Taiga in the past. It was rather fitting though since they both came across as rather maniacal in their behaviour. Heck, I would be freaked out too if someone confessed to me in the same manner that Kitamura did to Taiga. Taiga shows more of her inaptitude when it caomes to normal matters such as taking a photograph or cooking for that matter. I can relate to the photography part though since when i tried to take a photo of my crush back in high school almost all of my shots of her came out looking like crap.  I am also now convinced that Inko-chan is a parrot demon that is only playing dumb so that it could infiltrate human society, it surely looks the part of a demented creature and the display of sentience at the end of the episode really sealed the deal.

Also, in other news a football (or soccer for you Americans) club that has the tiger as their symbol is doing really well at the moment beating their opponents by three goals to none and staying at the upper tier of the league.


4 responses to “Toradora 04

    careful… it bites…

    “Am i a bad person for wishing that she accidentally spills the whole bucket of pudding on herself?”
    no. it just mean you have a healthy mind…

  2. no way, a parrot demon? /cringes in fear

    This episode was definitely hilarious, and lulz @ you getting crappy pictures of your crush.

  3. >>Am i a bad person for wishing that she accidentally spills the whole bucket of pudding on herself?

    Y’all know it’s all about the armpit action in that shot, right?

  4. @EvilDevil: you do know that the biting will only increase the HNNNNGGNNGG levels?

    @blissmo: lulz. I wasn’t much of a paparazzi and my camera skills are still not much to speak of and the parrot demon just sorta popped into my mind. Must have been reading too many novels recently.

    @the monster: spoken like a true Touhou fanatic. While the armpits are pleasing to the eye as well, i prefer to eat the pudding.

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