Addiction to moe. You cant stop it.

Yes my friends, moe is as much of a drug as say, cocaine and Kyoani is the equivalent of Pablo Escobar in the business of Moe dealing.

Mild moe. Generally taken by beginners as am initiation. Has bery little effects on the human body save for an increased heart rate and slight hallucinations.

It began like all addictions did. Curiosity. I was curious what this moe would do to me? Curious of its powers to influence the mind and bring pleasure and pain. So as like all addictions i started off on the lighter version of it. It was an interesting introduction to a substance that would son become inseparable from my life.

Normal moe: This recreation drug is best taken during festivals, induces euphoria but is unlikely to have any lasting effects other than utter exhaustion.

After some time on the milder ones i began to try the “normal” stuff as it was called. It was stronger than the mild ones but it was unlikely to deliver a knockout punch to a new junkie. That was a period of bliss.

Hardcore moe: Lolis are known to cause heart failures when taken in large quantities.

After “graduating” from the normal stuff things began to get out of hand for me. The world seemed less colorful compared to the past and i began to tire of the old substances. That was when i began my descent into the abyss. I foolishly tried what one would call the “hard stuff” it kicked seven shades of hell out of me and worst of all, I loved it.

Designer Moe: Traps cater to a fringe market and are extremely potent.

Our story does not end there for after being accustomed to the hard stuff i began to try designer ones which were specifically created to cater to certain tastes. Being the gung-ho lad that i was i immediately ordered the most expensive, unique, and utterly horrifying stuff they had. Not even the hardcore addicts dared to go this far but Kyoani was more than happy to oblige. I experience a pleasure that is simply indescribable but then i slipped and fell and fell and fell………… for eternity.

p.s. dont think i am making sense at all here…. oh well might as well take another dose of Kyoani moe to clear up my mind.

p.p.s. After Story contains at least 10X more moe scenes as compared to the first season which i am grateful for.

p.p.p.s. Shima-kun has broken me thoroughly. It was a totally one-sided affair, there are no defences against moe levels that are so insanely high.


4 responses to “Addiction

  1. ‘I gingerly moved further into the derelict building. The telltale signs were all there: plastic figurines and glossy Japanese magazines lying discarded on the floor and that curious, distinctive smell hanging in the air. A wild, desolate noise of devotion suddenly burst from the next room.


    ‘Oh yes. I had found groups like this before. There was no mistake that this was a full blown moe den.’

  2. @The Animanachronism:

    The tingling in my palm told me that things were about to get worst. I cautiously pushed the door ajar to get a better look inside the room. I wish i hadn’t. The room was plastered with images of the moe gods and in the middle of the room was a group of devotees. Rictus grins of complete insanity on their faces as they worship their idols.

    “Merciful Lord!!” I made the warding sign of the Cross in a desperate attempt to preserve my sanity against the insane pleasures that were beginning to claw away at my soul.

  3. moe is like poison. there is no cure for poison. why would there?

  4. i want to see junjou romantica on your address

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