Valkyria Chronicles Anime announced.

Stumbled upon this by pure accident. I never played the game nor do i own a PS3 but seeing as it will be animated by SONY A1 pictures i am expecting great things from this anime.


p.s. had a look at the screenshots of the game and it looked rather unique, looks like it was coloured with watercolors.


5 responses to “Valkyria Chronicles Anime announced.

  1. Looks like my type of game. Too bad I’m currently a member of the PC gaming master race and I haven’t harvested enough Vespene Gas to buy a PS3.

  2. I didnt know about this game, but the images seems very cool. I hope the TV show to be cool as it seems..

  3. argh. I have to get PS3 as soon as I can!!! but I guess I have to wait next year…

  4. The game’s actually pretty good, which is about time too, since there isn’t anything else to play on the PS3 that’s exclusively theirs. But heh, game to anime conversion? Hmmm….

  5. Very nice artwork, but the game itself is slow and painful to play. It is the equivalent of throwing dice and watching the computer “play”. It is by no means “engaging” for more than an hour or so. Then time to insert a different disk and play a real game.

    Did I mention the artwork is really nice?

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