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A new master.

After numerous sleepless weeks of pondering, I have decided to move on from my humble blog to expand my horizons. I will now be chained to my new master and his fate shall be my own as well. Its been a great experience blogging here and i hope that my readers would continue to lend me support in my new endeavor as well. Before i forget : the blog that i will be joining as a part of a team would be Shin’s blog.


Random Photos 1

This is a collection of some photos i took during the past week. Click the images for larger versions of the images.

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19 years and counting.

This be the day i turn 19 years of age and still none the wiser.

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Strike Witches 03

Yes you will sirs. If you make them put on any pants ill erase your existence.

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Strike Witches 02

Sure feels like yuri around here. Not that I’m complaining though.
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Black Lagoon 3. It’s REAL!!!!!

If it turns out like this i would have a hard time deciding whether to RAGE or not.

OH HELL YEAH!!!! The third season of Black Lagoon is finally going to be made!!! Got nothing much to say except for “Hell, Its about time”. I really missed the blood soaked streets of Roanapur. Time to celebrate with pic spam. (click for larger version)

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Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no Rondo 01

Starting the new season with a bang.

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