Macross Frontier 05


Upon learning that she participated in the Miss Macross Pageant Ranka’s school expelled her for reasons unknown. My best guess would be that since it was an all girls school the other girls including the staff were furious with the fact that she outshines them all with her brilliance. Yeah those fags that talk about school rep and the like should burn in hell for all i care wait till you find out 90% of your nice little girls(except for Ranka) had their cherries popped while in the line of duty. I shall laugh my heart out the day that happens.

While it is understandable for Ozma to be furious seeing that all his hard work went down the drain, i thought that he should have been more supportive of Ranka and encouraged her to further her carrier in singing. Maybe his big bro personality just cant accept that Ranka is growing up and slowly becoming less dependent on him.

Sheryl meanwhile snags Alto-hime to help her search for her missing earring. Semi-erotic scenes were had and they proceeded to a date. During the date Sheryl showed her more playful side and I grew to like her more. It was a huge contrast from the diva personality she displayed in episode 1.

After Ranka ran away from the house in a fit of rage Mikhail found her in front of the school gates and tries to talk her into going home, his attempt was promptly shot down and they ended up in a Zentradi mall which Alto-hime and Sheryl were hanging out at.

YES!! The loli ice cream test!!!

It was then that Mikhail challenged her to sing in front of the crowd at the mall where people would not notice her to prove her mettle. Ranka was at first hesitant to sing but after seeing Alto-hime’s paper plane in the sky she found the courage within her and proceeded to sing a mesmerizing song that somehow revived an incapacitated Vajra.



I find the Vajra to be a totally haxed alien species. They have heavy armor, could fold without external assistance and worst of all they have no nerve center to speak of. Making total annihilation the only way to defeat them.



Fanboy exterminated.

The date ended predictably but it was done properly and it didn’t feel cheesy at all. It seems that the love triangle is swinging in Sheryl’s favor at the moment but I’m hoping for a great counter-attack from Ranka soon.

Sheryl would be leaving for her home fleet the Macross Galaxy in a week and she has invited Alto to the finale of her tour of Frontier. At the end of the episode a lone VF (i dont know the make of it) de-fold in the vicinity of the Frontier fleet and brought with it a messaged that the Galaxy fleet has been attacked by the Vajra.

So i suppose that Sheryl wont be going home anytime soon, or maybe she will die? Since the title of the next episode is “Bye Bye Sheryl” i personally think she would return to Galaxy but the Vajra would kill her.

See you next episode!!


8 responses to “Macross Frontier 05

  1. Based on your reviews, I think I ought to include this in my watchlist ^^ btw glad you switched to a better platform ^^



    It was a nice episode, setting the triangle well.

  3. I wouldn’t declare victory so early just yet, even if the next episode suggests her untimely demise. Hehe.

  4. @shinji: glad to see another convert. ^^

    @kitsune: indeed the competition might turn ugly soon as well.

    @shin: we shall wait and see. The lolis are on me if Sheryl is gone though.

  5. This episode no fighting scene.. which is too bad.. but the bonus.. when both alto and sheryl was inside the locker together.. XD

  6. Gah, need to watch this episode…

  7. Finally I get around to watching this!

    AltoxRanka ftw!!

  8. in this episode we also learn that a kiss can be a dangerous thing which may led to many complications of the heart.

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