A few simple argument for the existence of gender-bending.

More Yuri right after the break.

Lately it has come to my attention that the gender bender phenomenon has taken on a life of its own and has spread beyond the borders of Haruhiism to neighboring areas as well as evidenced by the exhibits displayed below.

While the fire of gender bending has indeed spread far and wide SHnY is still the home of gender bending or seitenkan as they call it.

This pic is plain awesome.

Some other folks might want to try and explain the reasons for the rise in gender bending with strange and complicated psychological terms ill just offer you a few simple arguments.

  1. Gender bending happens because it needs to happen.
  2. Because of the boredom of the fans. One only needs to look at the SHnY fanatics to see that they are bored to death by the long wait for season2 so in their moment of agony they turned to gender bending to keep themselves occupied by creating a new scenario with the same storyline.
  3. Character interaction. Who wouldn’t want to see how gender bended characters would interact with one another? For example, how would Kyonko react to Itsuko’s advances?
  4. Because we want to fap to our favorite characters without feeling gheey. Namely Alto-hime or Kyon.
  5. For the lulz.

Well, those might not be solid reasons but thats just my opinion. To strengthen my claim to point 4 here are the links to some Kyonko Doujinshi.


18 responses to “A few simple argument for the existence of gender-bending.

  1. We genderbend because I said so. =P

  2. SHnY is not the home of genderbending, it’s been done many times before. It just probably hasn’t received as much recognition as SHnY has.
    Ah, but nice images. I have most of them except the CLANNAD one. Me want full size :3

  3. @Nagato: I haven’t seen any other fanbases try and re-envision the entire series based around the single concept of genderbending though. I could also go on and into other arguments about how crossdressing isn’t genderbending, genderbending within the context of the plot is not the same as what we’re doing, traps are definitely just proof that people are broken, etc. =P

  4. Alto-hime is.. so pretty~! LOL

    I like that re-enactment of the Asakura v. Nagato scene..

  5. LOL! I love the Code Geass one! And there are heaps of Haruhi Suzumiya ones too I guess

  6. Lol, Alto-hime, for real. And Code Geass gender bender doesn’t look half as bad either…

  7. I worded that wrongly. Anyway, I consider Heaven’s Failure to be a pretty extensive work.

  8. @Nagato: thx for the link. Havent seen Heaven’s failure myself yet. would look it up.

    @RmX: stop pimping your dancho position.

    @lanie-emon: THIS SHIT JUST GOT REAL.

  9. Everything there looks awesome, save for Clannad, considering that the male to female ratio will be loopsided, turning it into a lame shoujo title lawl.

  10. Nothing’s wrong with it, and everything’s right with it. 😛

  11. kyon is just too moe.i’m sorry.

  12. the male version of miku looks so cool.

  13. The archer gender-bender is very sexy.

  14. “Character interaction. Who wouldn’t want to see how gender bended characters would interact with one another? For example, how would Kyonko react to Itsuko’s advances?”

    I dunno, but if there’s a doujin like that then I’m so fucking downloading it.

  15. Don’t worry Setsuna-san… I have to show the world some genderswap pictures of characters from a very famous series, and it was done BEFORE the Haruhi genderbender craze. Brace yourselves for the next days, people. Muahaha. *Exclusive info*

  16. This can be confusing… but if it will eventually lead to GirlxGirl couples… well… looks better than yaoi. I think Lulu now has a reason to be called ‘Lulu’ plus I love the Clannad part haha

  17. *tears running down cheek + Standing ovation*

    this is the most beautiful post i have ever seen on the internet. Long live gender bended anime/manga characters!

    lol Alto-hime nice….but she’ll never reach Kyonko’s level of Moe

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